How to Plant a Tree

Find Out!

What you need

Where to plant?

15 feet away from the house, sidewalk, driveway, power lines, or other trees

When to plant?

Fall or early spring so trees can mature before harsh summers and winters

Why plant?

Trees provide oxygen for you to breathe, cool the earth, build soil, soak up stormwater, create habitats, and provide energy-saving shade!

Measure the root ball

from the ground to the top of the exposed root flare.

The root flare is where the trunk spreads out into individual roots.

Dig a wide hole

2-3 times as wide as the root ball...

...and 2 inches shorter than height of root ball. Save the soil for later and moisten the soil around the hole with water.

Place the tree

Loosen the soil and tiny roots around the ball.

Aim the tree’s best face in the best direction, usually toward the street. Remove the wire basket, burlap, or twine from the root ball.

Fill the hole

using the same soil you dug up.

Don’t bury the root flare! Create a 6-inch high curb around the tree to retain the water.

Cover the soil with 3 inches of mulch, but keep it away from the tree trunk. Make sure there are no air pockets!

Stake the tree

(only if it's somewhere windy)

Tie the stake loosely to the tree to help it grow straight in windy conditions.

Water the tree

Keep the soil moist but not soggy

Water every day for at least six weeks, especially in dry weather. Prune only the dead, broken, diseased branches.

Enjoy your tree

and Happy Earth Day!