Karen Aria Lin

Hello, I'm Karen. I design and develop user experiences.
I also write articles and produce videos.

About Me

Graduation Day with a squirrel

I'm a San Francisco Bay Area native.

UC Berkeley, bachelor degrees in Comparative Literature and Music

Track and field, gymnastics, and dance. I'm not as good at sports that require throwing, hitting, or kicking a ball.

English & Mandarin Chinese. I'm fascinated with foreign languages and linguistics.

None, but I would love to pet your adorable dog.

Relationship to Nature
Camping, hiking, and backpacking among the trees give me life energy.

Engineering Words, Designing Music

As a writer, I build clear, cohesive narratives that entertain, educate, and inspire. My writing approach helps me tell stories through many creative platforms.

Like writing, design is the art of discovering the most creative and practical way to guide people through workflows and thought processes, especially when there's no right answer.

Treating code like a story with logical, sequential order helps me focus on the needs of human users. I'm also a stickler for documentation.

I shoot and edit video the same way I write, painting a cohesive picture and making sure transitions flow smoothly. Video is especially thrilling because it weaves together layers of narratives: sounds, visuals, and motion.

Music ties people together so powerfully. As a composer and performer, I use it to express my emotions for the enjoyment of others.

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